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“Amazing, as if it were meant to be”: The modder added voice acting to more than 40 Fallout 2 characters, continuing the work of Black Isle

Modder Black_Electric has released a new version of the mod that adds NPC voice acting and talking heads for additional Fallout 2 characters. The author demonstrated the new animations and voices in the trailer.

    Screenshot from video

Screenshot from video

Some NPCs from the original Fallout and Fallout 2 appear in dialogue as talking heads – voiced animated portraits. Due to technical difficulties, the developers at Black Isle Studios only completed 21 characters in this form for the first part and 13 for the second, although significantly more was planned. The portraits were created from digitized clay models, each taking about eight weeks to complete, and lip-synching to speech was far more of a challenge than it is today.

    The Talking Heads were designed by Scott Rodenhizer, and the original idea belonged to one of the series' creators, Leonard Boyarsky.  Photo source:

The Talking Heads were designed by Scott Rodenhizer, and the original idea belonged to one of the series’ creators, Leonard Boyarsky. Photo:

Last year, modder Goat_Boy released the Talking Heads addon, which adds over a hundred talking heads to Fallout 2. Later, Black_Electric adopted an enhanced version called Talking Heads Actually Talk (DAS)which complements the portraits with voice output.

Black_Electric aims to voice all of the characters that you can dialogue with. In the January version of the mod, 17 new animated portraits had voices, and in the latest version of 0.3.1 there are already 43. In total, voices are recorded for about 150 characters with a total of thousands of lines.

    Image source:

Image source:

The creator doesn’t use AI voices like some other enthusiasts do (for example this mod Approved for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim). Voice acting is done by volunteers: the author asks those who want to send examples of recorded lines for NPCs and chooses suitable ones for each role.

You can download the mod below Nexus Mods (it’s still in alpha). The page contains a list of all voiced characters and Here – all to be named.

In the comments to the new video, users praised the actors and noted that the voices make the characters more expressive. “Good work,wrote Pretty hedgehog. — It’s amazing how well these voices and talking heads fit into the game. It’s like it was meant to be from the start.”

Both mods are part of the global Restoration Project mod that brings back abridged features and content to Fallout 2. The author of the original version, Killap, does not update it Nexus Mods from 2015, but see newer versions moddb.

Fallout 2 celebrates its 25th anniversary on October 29th, when the Windows version was released.

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