Amazfit GTR4 is the first smartwatch with built in ChatGPT AI

Amazfit GTR4 is the first smartwatch with built-in ChatGPT AI bot

It looks like AI bots will soon be appearing in literally every electronics, from home appliances to cars and even wearable accessories. Smartwatch maker Amazfit showcased ChatGenius, an AI assistant built on top of the AI ​​chatbot ChatGPT, on its GTR4 smartwatch.

    Image source: Amazfit

Image source: Amazfit

The demonstration featured a watch that answered the question, “How can I improve my running performance?” After a few seconds, a detailed answer was displayed. Of course, you shouldn’t expect revolutionary answers from AI within hours. In particular, when it comes to the question of mileage, general sentences such as “Focus on nutrition and hydrationinstead of an unusually helpful answer.

Little is known about the capabilities of the ChatGenius application, but it is unlikely that using an AI bot on a smartwatch will be very convenient. While dictating questions is not difficult, how often is it necessary. However, according to the Tom’s Guide portal, there is already a comparison: a third-party WatchGPT application is available for the Apple Watch.

With the release of the API for ChatGPT, OpenAI development has become one of the hottest technologies that can be integrated into almost any application and device.

    Image source: LinkedIn

Image source: LinkedIn

In theory, however, the AI ​​advice can be optimized for a specific user based on the performance of sensors that every smartwatch is equipped with in abundance. Such individual advice can really change the rules of the game. For example, it is possible that in the future the watch will be able to give advice in real time and recommend speeding up or slowing down depending on the reading of the sensors. Given the relatively small size of the display, it is expected that the ability to recognize or utter speech will be an important element of the ecosystem around ChatGPT.

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