All roads lead to China Tencent buys Dying Light developer

All roads lead to China: Tencent buys Dying Light developer Techland

Polish Techland, known for zombie action duology Dying Light, announced about the start of a new chapter – one in which Chinese tech giant Tencent is the studio’s largest shareholder.

    Image Source: Steam (Luna Moonlight)

Image Source: Steam (Luna Moonlight)

According to Techland founder and CEO Pawel Marchewka, Tencent is now in the process of becoming the studio’s majority shareholder. Union will allow Techland “Full swing” Participate in the realization of the vision of upcoming games.

“We chose an ally that has worked with some of the best video game companies in the world, helping them reach new heights while respecting the way they work.”said Markevka.

Techland retains its intellectual property rights and creative freedom and will continue to operate “as he sees fit”. Markevka, in turn, remains the general director of the studio.

    Techland fantasy RPG concept art (Image source: Techland)

Techland fantasy RPG concept art (Image source: Techland)

Markevka added that taking Dying Light to the next level is Techland’s dream, but making this dream a reality is only possible by working closely with like-minded people and strong partners.

As for the untitled open-world fantasy RPG (pictured above) that Techland has been working on since 2016, that project has already started “started to become something very special”.

Techland’s latest release, Dying Light 2 Stay Human, was released in February 2022 and has already sold 5 million copies. The ambitious role-playing game has neither a release date nor target platforms.


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