All maps ported from CSGO have returned to Counter Strike 2

All maps ported from CS:GO have returned to Counter-Strike 2 – players are already looking forward to the upcoming release

Valve hasn’t done much for the past few months other than adding and removing maps to Counter-Strike 2, but the latest patch for the shareware multiplayer shooter, which is undergoing limited testing, is the first of its kind.

    Image source: Valve

Image source: Valve

Recall that the August 15 update brought Italy to Counter-Strike 2, and August 17th The developers returned to the game even before the release of the arenas: Dust II, Nuke, Mirage, Overpass, Office, Vertigo, Anubis and Ancient.

All nine maps are available in casual, deathmatch and offline play along with previously released modes in Counter-Strike 2 (e.g. Teammates). Competitive matchmaking is still disabled.

In addition, the update has reworked the bullet-penetrating system, including the option to play as a bot (if applicable). Even dropped bombs no longer sank in the water.

Without thinking twice, fans came to the conclusion that with this patch, Valve clearly indicates the closeness of the release of Counter-Strike 2 from limited testing to release or at least an open “beta” – officially the premiere is still announced for the summer .

Dataminer Maxim Poletaev (aka Gabe Follower) thinksWhat a fresh update “Sounds like a starter before a main course”and commentator Jack Peters counts for CS2 release next Monday 21st August.

It’s worth noting that August 21 marks the 11th anniversary of CS:GO, whose free upgrade is Counter-Strike 2, so a surprise from Valve on the anniversary can’t be ruled out. However, the developer does not always have time for gifts on important dates.

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