All 56 Intel Xeon w9 3495X cores overclocked to 55 GHz

All 56 Intel Xeon w9-3495X cores overclocked to 5.5 GHz – power consumption reached almost 1900 W

The latest Intel Xeon desktop chips from the Sapphire Rapids family have fallen into the hands of overclockers. Last week it was reported that the flagship Intel Xeon w9-3495X, overclocked to 5.4GHz on all cores, set new world records in Cinebench R23 and other tests. This week, ASUS in-house overclocker Jon “Elmor” Sandstrom overclocked all 56 cores of said chip to 5.5 GHz, achieving impressive power consumption.

    Image Source: YouTube / ElmorLabs

Image Source: YouTube / ElmorLabs

Curious was not so much the result of overclocking all cores of the Xeon w9-3495X processor to 5.5 GHz, but the display of its power consumption in this state during performance tests.

The system that overclocked the Xeon w9-3495X featured two 1600W Superflower Leadex power supplies. The power consumption of the processor in tests after extreme overclocking with liquid nitrogen was 1881 watts. At the same time, the temperature of the chip was kept below -90 degrees Celsius.

ASUS Pro WS W790E-SAGE SE motherboard and G.Skill Zeta R5 DDR5 8-channel RAM kit were also used for the experiment. The overclocked processor scored 132,220 points in the Cinebench R23 multi-threaded test. However, this was not enough to break the previous record, which stands at 132,484 points and was set by the same overclocker.

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