Alienware shows Concept Nyx a concept gaming platform for

Alienware shows Concept Nyx – a concept gaming platform for streaming up to 4 games to different devices

On the eve of the annual CES 2022 exhibition, Alienware, a subsidiary of Dell, showed a curious device to the general public. We are talking about the Concept Nyx concept platform, with which you can run up to four computer games at the same time and broadcast them to different devices, for example a smart TV or a monitor connected to a laptop.

Image source: Alienware

Image source: Alienware

In recent years, some companies have actively developed the direction of cloud gaming and promoted related services such as Google Stadia or NVIDIA GeForce Now. Users of such services can play modern games even on weak computers, as only the image is transmitted to the end device and all operations take place on a remote server. Thus, with a stable and sufficiently fast internet connection, the user can play the most modern games on any PC and not only.

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Concept Nyx offers a slightly different approach and different possibilities. For example, the owner of such a device played Cyberpunk 2077 for a while on a laptop with a monitor attached, and then decided to continue the game session on a smart TV. This is as easy as possible with Concept Nyx, you only have to select the desired screen in the application and you can continue playing. In addition, if necessary, you can split the screen and start different games in separate windows at the same time. According to reports, users can stream up to four different games at the same time.

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It is important to understand that the Concept Nyx is a concept device at this stage. This means the device may have a different look and feel by the time it is launched. The developers also did not specify which hardware solutions are used in the Concept Nyx and how much such a device could cost when it comes onto the market.


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