Alibaba and Ant launch their own RISC V chips

Alibaba and Ant launch their own RISC-V chips

T-Head, the chip development arm of Alibaba Group Holding, and Alipay, a payment service provider of Ant Group, will release payment terminal processors based on the RISC-V open architecture, it was announced today. Reuters.

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Chinese companies continue to invest heavily in processor development despite US sanctions on the Chinese semiconductor industry. RISC-V chips will be built into terminals that work with QR codes for mobile payments, which are very popular in the country. An Alipay representative did not specify when the chips would be released, but noted that they will appear as part of finished devices – the processors will be made in collaboration with other companies.

Alibaba’s T-Head division introduced Xuantie processors based on the RISC-V architecture back in 2019. Alibaba is among Chinese companies investing resources in the development of open-architecture processors as an alternative to the commercial arm. RISC-V’s open license makes the architecture less prone to sanctions – against the background of this, enthusiasm for alternative solutions is growing in China and more and more companies are interested in it.


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