Alfa Bank returned its application to the App Store disguising it

Alfa-Bank returned its application to the App Store, disguising it as a mortgage calculator

A mortgage calculator has appeared in the App Store “There is money” from Alfa Bank. How Reports The Telegram channel “Technoblogger Emulator”, actually “There is Money”, has full functionality of the original “Alfa-Online” application, which was removed from the App Store in April last year due to US sanctions.

    Image source: “Technoblogger Emulator”

Image source: “Technoblogger Emulator”

Although “There is Money” is positioned as a mortgage calculator, it can be used to work with accounts in Alfa-Bank, which was confirmed by the press service of the credit institution. Initially, the application was limited to the functions of a mortgage calculator, but later a form for logging into your personal account and Internet banking functions were added. This is how we managed to bypass moderation in the App Store.

It is worth noting that Apple will most likely remove such a pumped-up calculator from the App Store soon. So those interested should hurry up and install the new application. For example, the “Money is OK” application with “Alpha Online” functionality released in July was removed from the App Store by Apple 5 days after its release.

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