Alder Lake-S engineering sample tested with DDR5-6400 memory

Network sources have shared the latest test results of a 10-core engineering sample of Alder Lake-S, presumably a Core i5-12600K model, along with DDR5-6400 RAM (40-40-40-85-CR2). The chip used in the tests ran at a very high frequency for the engineering version of the processor – 3.2 GHz. In Boost mode, its frequency was almost 4.6 GHz.

Image source: VideoCardz

Image source: VideoCardz

According to the latest rumors, the memory controller of the new 12th Gen Intel Cores has not undergone significant changes and to work with high-speed memory, it will use an asynchronous mode with dividers (Gears), which increases latency. The users got acquainted with the Gears modes in the Rocket Lake processors. They offer synchronous mode Gear 1 and asynchronous Gear 2. In the first case, the processor memory controller operates at a memory frequency with a ratio of 1: 1, in the second – with a ratio of 1: 2. Alder Lake is predicting the appearance of another mode – Gear 4 with a ratio of 1: 4.

The specified engineering sample of Core i5-12600K with DDR5-6400 memory was tested as part of a certain Dell system. According to AIDA64, latency in the memory subsystem was very high – 92.5 ns. But at the same time, the memory read speed indicator was above 90 GB / s, which is a very impressive result.

According to the CPU-Z program, in single-threaded performance mode, the engineering sample of Alder Lake scored 785.6 points, which is higher than the flagship model of the current generation of Rocket Lake-S.


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