Alan Wakes voice actor was leaked when Alan Wake II

Alan Wake’s voice actor was leaked when Alan Wake II came out

Announced as part of the 2021 Game Awards, Alan Wake II is now announced for 2023, but the developers at Remedy are in no rush to set the release date. Instead of a Finnish studio, one of the main stars of the game did it.

    Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Let out Matthew Porretta (Matthew Porretta) – an American actor who played the voice of the hapless writer Alan Wake in both numbers Alan Wake. Extra artist said on a recent podcast Monsters, madness and magic.

From Words Porretta, Alan Wake II “should be out in October” present year: “I’m sure they will release a new trailer soon”. Alan Wake’s “voice” hasn’t specified exactly when to wait for the show, but the time for game presentations is fast approaching.

A non-disclosure agreement prevented Porretta from speaking extensively about Alan Wake II, but the actor assured the game would “very creepy” And “really really good”.

It was previously reported that Alan Wake II development had reached the finish line. The game is a survival horror game for PC (Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S.

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