Alan Wakes intro only exists due to the generosity of

Alan Wake’s intro only exists due to the generosity of Stephen King

Remedy’s 2010 cult psychological thriller Alan Wake is packed with references to author Stephen King, including the game’s memorable intro. However, it may not have been the case.

    Image Source: Steam (Vhites)

Image Source: Steam (Vhites)

Remember, Alan Wake begins with a quote from the “King of Horror” from a 15 year old essay Weekly entertainment: “Nightmares exist outside the bounds of logic, they are little fun, they cannot be explained; they contradict the poetry of fear”.

But the developers of Alan Wake couldn’t have used such a catchy intro if Stephen King himself hadn’t sold the rights to the quote to Remedy Entertainment for the symbolic sum of just $1.

“When I created the original Alan Wake, I really wanted to start it with a quote [Стивена Кинга]. From what I understand he wanted $1 for the rights to it. Very generous of him.”– told Eurogamer Remedy creative director Sam Lake.

Alan Wake was released for Xbox 360 in May 2010 and for PC in February 2012. Remedy is currently working on a sequel that will be a survival horror: Alan Wake II will be released on October 17th on PC (EGS), PS5, Xbox Series X and S.

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