Ainex CC 09 64mm radial cooler announced for Alder Lake Compact

Ainex CC-09 64mm radial cooler announced for Alder Lake Compact PCs

Ainex introduced a processor cooler designated CC-09 for Intel LGA 1700 chips – 12th generation Core products (Alder Lake platform).

    Image source: Ainex

Image source: Ainex

The novelty belongs to the radial type. With a slim height of 64mm, the cooler can be used in small form factor desktop computers, home media centers and other compact systems.

The design provides for the presence of an aluminum radiator, a copper base, as well as a fan with a diameter of 96 mm and a thickness of 25 mm. The impeller has seven blades.

The fan speed is regulated by pulse width modulation (PWM) in the range from 900±300 to 2200±10% rpm. With a noise level of no more than 19 dBA, an air flow with a volume of up to 78 cubic meters per hour is created.

The novelty is able to cope with the cooling of processors, in which the maximum value of the dissipated thermal energy (TDP) reaches 95 watts. The overall dimensions of the cooler are 96 × 96 × 64 mm. Information on the estimated price is not yet available.


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