AI will be an accelerator for the recovery of the

AI will be an accelerator for the recovery of the smartphone market – growth will begin in 2024

According to analysts at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, smartphone sales will grow again in 2024. The driving force will be advances in AI that will give mobile devices new capabilities, he writes TechCrunch with reference to analyst opinions.

Investment bank Morgan Stanley raised its forecasts for global smartphone sales in 2025, citing the significant potential of advanced AI to enable advances in everything from better photography to voice recognition technology without compromising user privacy.

Smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, Vivo, Xiaomi and Samsung, have begun to increasingly use AI technologies in their devices. Sales of Vivo’s new AI-powered smartphone Samsung plans to integrate ChatGPT-style generative AI into 2024 models, with algorithms running directly on the device rather than in the cloud.

“The biggest obstacle is not knowing when the “killer app” (a solution that will outshine all competitors) will be developed. If we take desktop internet and mobile internet as examples, the emergence of a new “killer app” usually occurs through 1-2 Years after the first breakthrough”Morgan Stanley said in a report this week.

Goldman Sachs estimates global smartphone sales will decline 5% to 1.148 billion units in 2023 compared to last year. The decline in sales continues for the second year in a row, although at a significantly slower rate than in 2022. Sales growth will continue in 2024 and 2025, driven by new product launches. According to Goldman Sachs, global smartphone shipments will grow 3% to 1.186 billion units in 2024 and rise another 5% to 1.209 billion units in 2025. According to experts, “By 2025, global smartphone shipments will gradually return to 2022 levels.”


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