After three months of problems the shareware thriller Deathverse Let

After three months of problems, the shareware thriller Deathverse: Let It Die is waiting for a server shutdown, but the game must not die

Publisher GungHo Online Entertainment and Studio Supertrick Games reported about the imminent discontinuation of his shareware online action film Deathverse: Let It Die in its current form.

    Image Credit: GungHo Online Entertainment

Image Credit: GungHo Online Entertainment

Recall, Deathverse: Let It Die released on September 28th on PS4 and PS5, hitting Steam a week later. The game was not popular on PC: at launch pinnacle of the internet reached 1380 people and not even 40 in the past day.

When someone played Deathverse: Let It Die, they inevitably encountered technical problems. Three months later, the problems not only disappeared, but also became the reason for a new announcement.

According to the developers, the matchmaking and slowdown issues stalking Deathverse: Let It Die players have not been fixed since release (although there have been attempts), so it was decided to send the game over for an overhaul.

“It wasn’t an easy decision. But we believe that the re-release of the game with significant improvements will allow not only current users but also a wider audience to enjoy it.”— according to Supertrick Games.

Deathverse: Let It Die servers will be shut down on the morning of July 19th and sales of Death Metal in-game currency will stop on February 8th. Due to the suspension, the content of the second season of the game will be released in full, and the third only partially.

Deathverse: Let It Die takes place hundreds of years after Let It Die in the same universe. Players become participants in the reality survival show Death Jamboree in the virtual world of Deathverse to compete for viewers’ love.

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