After the release of the anti sanctions smartphone Mate 60 Pro

After the release of the “anti-sanctions” smartphone Mate 60 Pro, the capitalization of Huawei suppliers increased by $ 34 billion

The main revelation of the flagship smartphone Huawei Mate 60 Pro, released at the end of August, was the presence of a 7nm HiSilicon Kirin 9000S processor inside, which the company was somehow able to obtain from its suppliers on American terms Sanctions. This boosted investor confidence in Chinese companies’ ability to overcome restrictions, and the capitalization of Huawei’s 32 suppliers has since increased by $34 billion.

    Image source: SMIC

Image source: SMIC

At least that’s what the agency reports. Bloomberg citing its own statistics, which point to continued generally negative dynamics on the Chinese stock market. SMIC, which is believed to make the aforementioned 7nm processors for Huawei, has seen its share price rise by 12% since the release of the Mate 60 Pro smartphone. Investors also believed that Huawei has prospects in the electric vehicle market, which is why shares of its manufacturing partner in this area, Seres Group, have more than doubled in price since the end of August. Finally, software provider Isoftstone Information Technology saw its share price increase by 60%.

However, some analysts consider such investor interest in the assets of Huawei suppliers to be speculative. As with the Chinese internet giants, investors could quickly lose interest in shares of Huawei partners if they find more interesting ideas for investing their funds in the future. But the political component can play into Huawei’s hands, as its activities continue to be the focus of public attention in the context of American sanctions. If the manufacturer can effectively resist them, this will increase investor confidence in the prospects of investing in the accompanying ecosystem.

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