After nearly a month of inactivity Ford will resume production

After nearly a month of inactivity, Ford will resume production of F-150 Lightning electric pickups

In early February, Ford Motor Company discovered that a fault in the traction battery on some F-150 Lightnings could cause it to spontaneously combust, and Michigan halted production of those electric pickups as of mid-month. The investigation revealed that the dangerous defect affected just 18 cars, which are being recalled for repair and pickup truck release to be continued already tomorrow.

    Image source: Ford Motor

Image source: Ford Motor

The South Korean company SK On supplies traction batteries for Ford F-150 Lightning pickups from its plant in Georgia. Although the production of cars has been suspended since mid-February, deliveries of finished pickups to customers have continued. An investigation conducted jointly with a Korean partner found that the cause of the fire could be a manufacturing defect in the traction battery, which can manifest itself in only 18 examples of the F-150 Lightning being sold. Ford Motor Company invites its owners to a free troubleshooting procedure.

By the way, none of the consumers had time to suffer from this defect, since the only case of a car fire in the parking lot with finished products was recorded at the Ford plant. Pickups produced throughout January were fitted with potentially dangerous batteries and it is not a fact that the 18 recalled examples actually contain defective batteries – this should be determined by an inspection carried out as part of the recall.

Starting March 13, Ford’s Michigan plant will resume production of the F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck. Against the background of the Chevrolet Bolt EV scandal, which totaled 140,000 units, the Ford F-150 Lightning pick-up incident seems like a slight misunderstanding, although of course the month-long standstill of the assembly line cannot change that The auto giant’s business.

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