After Europe India will make USB Type C a standard connector

After Europe, India will make USB Type-C a standard connector for all smartphones

Representatives from several Indian ministries and departments in India held a meeting where they made a fundamental decision to choose the USB Type-C connector as the standard for smart mobile devices. Consumer Affairs Minister Rohit Kumar Sing said the decision was in the best interests of consumers and aimed to reduce e-waste.

    Image source: tomekwalecki /

Image source: tomekwalecki /

The meeting participants agreed that USB Type-C should be the undisputed choice for devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops and another option could be offered for mobile phones with basic functionality. A separate subcommittee was formed to determine the fate of wearable devices. The transition to the new standards will be gradual, allowing manufacturers and consumers to adapt to the new standards.

A similar initiative in Europe was launched in June last year and came into force in October 2022. From 2024 the USB Type-C connector will be mandatory for phones, tablets, cameras and other small mobile devices sold in the EU, and from 2026 laptops will also be subject to the regulation. The law also applies to Apple products, which currently equip their iPhones with a proprietary Lightning connector. A similar movement is gaining momentum in the US. So unless countries like India follow suit, they risk becoming a dumping ground for obsolete phones.

India, lagging behind western countries, is actively pursuing the path of digitization and the pandemic has only accelerated these processes: by 2025, the country’s digital economy is expected to exceed $1 trillion. India aims to quadruple its electronics production by 2026 while increasing its exports by 750%. As of 2022, the volume of electronic goods produced in the country will be US$76 billion, of which US$16 billion will be exported. To achieve this goal, the country adopts “globalization first, then localization”. And the transition to USB Type-C will be part of the globalization plan.

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