After Elon Musks reforms Twitter will offer three types of

After Elon Musk’s reforms, Twitter will offer three types of accounts

Twitter Pilot Lead Esther Crawford this week explainedthat the new social network verification system will split accounts into three types. Some receive the Official label, others receive a blue tick through a paid Twitter Blue subscription, and still others remain unverified. However, Twitter Blue subscribers do not need to provide any documents to receive the coveted tick.

    Image source: Getty Images, Christ Ratcliffe, Bloomberg

Image source: Getty Images, Christ Ratcliffe, Bloomberg

In the past, a free user verification process meant they were given some personal information, like a copy of a driver’s license or job information, or a banal cell phone number. As the company representative explained, subscribers to the Twitter Blue service will not verify their identity in this way to get a blue tick next to the account name on this social network. It was earlier reported that since Twitter Blue has to pay $8 per month for a Twitter Blue subscription, the company will identify them using payment details.

label “official” officially) Some of the already verified Twitter accounts do not receive additional payment and do not need to sign up, but this facility is mainly provided to government organizations, officials, politicians and media, and other public figures. It is not possible to purchase the right to use the “Official” label, but it will confirm the identity of the account holder. According to unofficial data, this option was invented specifically to identify officials around the world who would not regularly pay to confirm their identity on Twitter, but at the same time expected to maintain their public status on the social network’s pages.

Of course, all other Twitter accounts remain unconfirmed, but it’s too early to talk about the prospect of introducing paid access to the social network for all its users, which was discussed at the rumor level the day before. Twitter will continue to experiment with ways to differentiate between account types, Crawford said.

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