After a mass exodus of employees Foxconn is looking for

After a mass exodus of employees, Foxconn is looking for new workers to assemble iPhones in the countryside

Chinese authorities have announced a recruitment of villagers to assemble iPhone smartphones at the Foxconn factory, whose staff has been noticeably reduced due to the flight of a significant proportion of workers after another lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Back then, many Foxconn workers chose to leave the factory and not have a well-paying job than live under severe restrictions.

Last month, Zhengzhou authorities announced a quarantine in one of the administrative region’s largest districts as part of a “zero tolerance” policy amid the renewed outbreak of COVID-19. And Foxconn has implemented sanitation restrictions at its largest facility, which is located in this city. These restrictions were also extended in November.

Trouble at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory prompted Apple to slash its November iPhone 14 shipment forecast ahead of the peak holiday season and to diversify production by increasing staff at its iPhone factory in India.

Now how informed The Financial Times newspaper Foxconn is trying to bring production back to previous levels, and local governments in Henan province, where the plant is located, have directed local officials to help recruit new workers for the assembly lines. For example, a village official in Baofeng District south of the factory was instructed to recruit at least seven people from his village to work on the assembly line.

“This is the first time I have received such a binding and specific regulatory order. It used to be just an incentive for local people to work outside the village.” – said the official. He noted that videos on social media of workers leaving the plant due to the lockdown made it difficult for him to get the job done.

To offset the negative impact of these videos, local state media in Henan province this week published videos and articles showing happy new employees entering the clean, sparkling Foxconn campus.

According to Chinese state media reports, what informed As a result, Foxconn managed to hire more than 100,000 people at its Zhengzhou plant. The recruitment campaign was carried out not only among rural residents, but also among veterans of the armed forces. Even low-level officials were involved in the work of assembling the iPhone. Several of those officials told the state-run Cailian Press on Tuesday that they have been ordered to work at the Zhengzhou campus for one to six months.

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