After 600 million in donations Star Citizen has reached alpha

After $600 million in donations, Star Citizen has reached alpha version 3.20 – a mockery of Starfield was visible in the update trailer

The lengthy development of the ambitious crowdfunding space simulator Star Citizen from the Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) studio progressed a little further the day before. This time – before Alpha version 3.20.

    Image source: Cloud Imperium Games

Image source: Cloud Imperium Games

The Fully Loaded content update released on September 20th brought a major overhaul to Arena Commander, the largest since its launch in 2014.

Version 3.20 includes new maps for races, air battles and skirmishes, experimental modes (Gun Rush, Tank Royale, Mirror Match and others), locations, missions, automated cargo transfer and a new packaging system.

Among other things, the patch added new spaceships to Star Citizen, including the “legendary” cargo ship MISC Hull C. The purchase will cost the user $500 – real, not virtual.

The 3.20 release trailer also promises travel capability “Seamlessly between worlds”. fans spotted This is a swipe from CIG at Bethesda’s space role-playing game Starfield, which does not have such an option.

Fundraising for the development of Star Citizen began back in 2012. Ten years later, the Cloud Imperium Games project is considered one of the most controversial in the history of the industry – even the developers were accused of fraud.

What you can’t take away from Star Citizen is the amount of donations for the creation and development of the game. At the end of August the figure was over $600 million, and at the time of publication it reached 3.20 million thanks to the efforts of just 4.8 million investors (the average contribution was more than $125). 604 million dollars.

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