After 14 years the impressive The Nameless mod for the

After 14 years, the impressive The Nameless mod for the original Deus Ex has received a major 2.0 update

The authors of one of the most famous modifications for the original Deus Ex, The Nameless Mod, Approved Major update 2.0. The new version appeared 14 years after the original release.

    Image source: Steam

Image source: Steam

The Nameless Mod is a full conversion of the 2000 game with new levels, storyline, weapons, music and full voice acting. The mod takes place in Forum City, a virtual reality version of the forum, which the authors compare to The Matrix and Tron. Every component of the world is connected to the original Deus Ex, including conspiracy themes, in-game technology, and game mechanics.

Version 2.0 was developed by four times fewer enthusiasts than the original 2009 version, so development took almost as long (about seven years).

Important changes in version 2.0 (full list in Steam community):

  • All 58 levels have been redesigned with combat and stealth capabilities in mind to ensure maps match “higher standards”;
  • Each obstacle can now be avoided in different ways;
  • Some levels have become smaller but have more interactive objects (some routes have been reduced by 80%), while others have been expanded with new ones “memorable places” and game mechanics (some have doubled);
  • two new secret levels and one “not very secret”;
  • new side missions on some maps;
  • improved visual design;
  • Quality improvements to Deus Ex: Revision and Deus Ex: Transcended;
  • Bug fixes and various adjustments made over seven years.

The Nameless Mod 2.0 is available for free in Steam Workshop (Version 1.0 is available at ModDB). It is intended for Deus Ex: Rework – a fan remake of the original game with new locations, music and many innovations of other amateur mods (including support for Direct3D 9, high-resolution textures and models, and additional game modes). Deus Ex: Revision is also free, but requires a copy of Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition.

The creators plan to further improve the mod. A future update will add even more improvements and fixes as well as a final secret level.

According to the journalist PC gamer Richard Cobbett, The Nameless Mod – “one of the best projects related to Deus Ex and single player mods in general”. Another contributor to the publication, Joshua Wolens, ranked the mod above the official sequel Deus Ex: Invisible War, noting that this was the case “Conveys the spirit of the first part better”.

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