Advertisers killed them Elon Musk said that X could go

“Advertisers killed them”: Elon Musk said that X could go bankrupt due to a boycott by advertisers

The operator of the social network Large advertisers began to boycott this company owned by Elon Musk, and although he publicly apologized, he insulted these advertisers with profanities and called their actions a probable cause of the future ruin of X.

    Image source: X, Elon Musk

Image source: X, Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s interview at the DealBook conference in New York was unusually emotional, as the agency’s publication suggests Bloomberg. He commented on the advertisers’ demarche with barely concealed anger: “If this leads to anything, it will only lead to the destruction of the company, and then the whole world will know that the advertisers killed it.”. Harsher statements were also made: “What if someone tries to blackmail me with advertising? Blackmail me with money? Just fuck yourself. Fuck yourself. That is clear?” Musk interprets the behavior of the rebellious advertisers as an attempt at extortion with money and makes it clear that he will not dance to their tune in the hope of regaining the trust of a group of companies that have announced a social boycott of Network X.

At the event in question, the website owner directly expressed his approval of another user’s controversial post on the social network X “The worst and stupidest thing I have ever done”. And he added: “I apologize for this tweet or post.” Even in an interview he remarked: “I don’t mind being hated. To hate

Musk recently traveled to Israel, where local authorities showed him the aftermath of the October 7 Hamas attacks. The visit was not an act of remorse, Musk stressed, because it was planned before advertisers began campaigning on the boycott of Hamas officials releasing hostages captured during the October attacks in Israel.

Along the way, Musk commented on the situation with the recent firing of OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman and his hasty restoration of the company’s CEO status. According to the billionaire, who himself was involved in founding OpenAI, this story gives him mixed feelings. On the one hand, Musk is convinced of it “The ring of omnipotence corrupts”. On the other hand, Musk insists on the need to disclose the reasons for Altman’s resignation if it is in any way related to the threats posed by artificial intelligence. Musk is currently backing a rival startup, xAI, which uses data generated by the social network X to train language models.

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