Adventure action Nuclear Blaze from game designer Dead Cells will make you feel like a firefighter

Independent French studio Deepnight Games, consisting of just one person, announced Nuclear Blaze is a 2D pixelated fire fighting action adventure game.

Image source: Steam

Image source: Steam

Nuclear Blaze users will jump from the air as a professional firefighter “Right in the heart of this hellfire to investigate and find survivors.”

Nuclear Blaze takes place in a mysterious structure of military origin. The developer promises “Devastating explosions, detonating walls and sprinklers”

Nuclear Blaze’s gameplay involves intelligent use of a fire hose to keep the flames in check. Moving through the building, the hero will also be able to find secrets and cats in need of help.

In addition, Nuclear Blaze will offer fine tuning of difficulty and a special kids mode with special levels, inability to die, auto-aim, infinite water supply and simplified controls.

Nuclear Blaze is developed by Sebastien Benard, lead game designer for Dead Cells, who left Motion Twin in 2019. In this case, the game will not be metroidvania or roguelike, but a linear and short adventure.

Nuclear Blaze will go on sale October 18 this year exclusively on PC (Steam). The history of the project began with the Ludum Dare competition, in which Benard participated – the first version was created in just 48 hours.

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