Adobe introduces Project Sound Lift a groundbreaking AI powered tool that

Adobe introduces Project Sound Lift, a groundbreaking AI-powered tool that can detect voices from noisy backgrounds

Adobe has opened a new chapter in the history of audio processing with Project Sound Lift, a revolutionary AI-powered tool that promises to revolutionize the way we separate audio layers in audio recordings. This tool separates your voice from background noise with unparalleled precision.

    Image source: Adobe

Image source: Adobe

The new product offers a wide range of filters: from applause and laughter to alarms, human speech, crowd or street noise, keyboard noises and much more. This significantly expands the audio capabilities compared to existing alternatives such as Supertones Clear and GOYO’s Voice Separator, which are limited to separating and correcting the environment, voice and their reverberation.

In contrast, Project Sound Lift automatically detects each sound and creates separate files for background noise and priority audio, for example. The demo shows the process of working with this tool. The user needs to import the video file into the application and select which audio to filter.

Such technologies have already found their application in the music industry. For example, the restoration and release of The Beatles’ “Now and Then” took a similar approach. Then, with the help of AI, it was possible to separate the piano part from John Lennon’s voice, which became a real achievement in the field of sound restoration.

Given the increasing importance of audio content in the digital world, such innovations could have a significant impact on the entire industry.

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