Adobe has updated the 3D graphics creation tools for Apples

Adobe has updated the 3D graphics creation tools for Apple’s proprietary M1 and M2 chips

Adobe, known for its graphics solutions, has announced that it has redesigned some of its 3D content creation tools to work properly on the latest Apple computers. The latter uses the M series processors developed by Apple itself instead of the previous versions with Intel processors.

    Image source: Joshua Ng/

Image source: Joshua Ng/

Adobe has been at the forefront of developing software solutions for photographers, graphic designers, and video professionals for decades. Recently, the company has released more and more solutions for the construction of three-dimensional worlds and objects used in video games and, of course, solutions for the so-called, which are becoming increasingly popular. a metaverse in which companies like meta* Use augmented reality technologies to merge digital content with the real world.

Adobe received the Substance 3D toolset after acquiring French company Allegorithmic in 2019. It helps film and game developers “decorate” the 3D objects they create with realistic textures such as wood or leather. Adobe said it redesigned the software to be compatible with Apple’s chipsets. Although Apple laptops and desktops are often used for creative purposes like music production projects, game developers still rely on Windows used with powerful graphics cards like NVIDIA products to make graphics more realistic.

At the same time, Apple’s new chipsets began to work very well even with graphics – Adobe plans to achieve the maximum effect when used with new software. The company works very closely with Apple to achieve the best effect when using the same Substance 3D pack, for example.

Adobe also announced on Tuesday that it has signed an agreement with new customers to use tools to create 3D content. Users include German brand Hugo Boss and off-road shoe manufacturer Salomon Group.

Recently there was information that Adobe has prepared a gift for ordinary users. The company introduced a free web version of Photoshop with reduced functionality.

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