Adobe decides to use user generated content to train artificial intelligence

Adobe decides to use user-generated content to train artificial intelligence

Adobe Creative Cloud and Document Cloud platform users have been enrolled in the Content Insights program without further notice. The company has chosen to analyze files in the cloud to train its artificial intelligence (AI) system and enabled the option for all private users to agree to participate in the program by default.

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It is not known when this option appeared in Adobe Creative Cloud profile settings, but the incident was made public afterwards informed Twitter account of the free image editor Krita community. The option is reportedly enabled by default for all users of the platform — it allows Adobe to use it for analytics “Images, audio, video, text files, documents, etc., and associated data”says further Page? site Company.

The developer clarifies that user content is grouped and used for machine learning – this is necessary to improve existing products and develop new ones. Adobe has also listed the categories of user-generated content that employees or partners can view individually, mainly public information (like posts on Adobe Stock and Behance) and content related to beta products if the user participates in relevant programs.

The company said that the relevant option can be disabled in the account settings, which will prevent access to user materials. However, the setting doesn’t apply to organizational or school accounts, and turning it off doesn’t affect other Creative Cloud and Document Cloud features.

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