Adobe assured that it would not use any customer projects

Adobe assured that it would not use any customer projects for AI training

Scott Belsky, Adobe’s product director, said the company has never trained generative artificial intelligence (AI) systems in customer projects. The management member made this statement to curb negative sentiment after spotting the option in Adobe Creative Cloud and Document Cloud user settings.

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“We have never used anything in our repository to train generative AI models. not even”– said Mr. Belsky in an interview with the agency Bloomberg. AI models like OpenAI’s Dall-E are called generative – they learn from ready-made content and create themselves, i.e. they generate content. Such technologies cause dissatisfaction among artists who fear their work will be used in violation of copyright.

In early January, information circulated that Adobe granted itself the right to use images or videos provided by users to train AI models aimed at generating AI content. Mr. Belsky clarified that this policy was introduced ten years ago, but it is intended to improve the functionality of the software and not to create new images. And if the company ever decides to develop generative AI, it will definitely announce it and explain to users how their content will be used, the top executive assured.

Adobe has its own photo bank, but if you place AI-generated images in it, you must label such materials appropriately.


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