Added stories to Xbox app and QoS support on consoles

Added stories to Xbox app and QoS support on consoles

Microsoft has introduced a new update for the Xbox app for iOS and Android. The main innovation will be a TikTok style feed where users can post and share their stories with friends. The update is currently only available in Australia, but will roll out to other regions over time.

    Image Source: Xbox Wire

Image Source: Xbox Wire

Stories allow users to demonstrate their gaming skills and share their favorite moments with others. You can share clips, screenshots, and Xbox achievements to the app. And “Stories” from friends can receive a message or a quick reaction as an answer.

The Stories feed shows content from the last 72 hours, and anything you share is also posted in your profile’s activity feed.

An update has also been released for the Xbox family of consoles that adds support for QoS traffic prioritization. The technology makes it possible to provide the required connection quality for various elements of network traffic, such as team chat, streaming and multiplayer (in supported games).

You can enable tags for QoS in the console’s “Settings”.


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