Acer has confirmed the fact of hacking of the company’s systems by hackers

For at least the second time this year, hackers have successfully attacked Acer servers and stolen more than 60 GB of data. The company confirmed that the hack had compromised the data of millions of customers (names, addresses and phone numbers), as well as stolen confidential corporate financial and audit information.

Image: HotHardware

Image: HotHardware

Desorden hackers were reportedly behind the attack on Acer servers in India. As evidence of a successful hacking, the cybercriminals published some of the stolen data, including financial ones. It is currently unknown whether the attack exploited Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities that helped Chinese hackers infiltrate Acer’s information systems earlier this year.

“We recently discovered an attack on our local after-sales service system in India. Upon detection, security protocols were immediately launched and system scans were performed. We are notifying all clients from India who could potentially be affected by this attack. The incident was reported to local law enforcement and the Indian Information Security Incident Response Team. The incident does not have a significant impact on our operations and business continuity “, – commented on the current situation in Acer.

Earlier this week, the hacker group posted data from more than 10,000 Acer customers online as a sample database that is currently up for sale. Attackers intend to sell not only user data, but also confidential information of the company. It is currently unknown whether the hackers are demanding a ransom from Acer or whether the database will be sold through one of the shady resources.


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