According to CEO Lisa Su AMD has captured more than

According to CEO Lisa Su, AMD has captured more than 25% of the server processor market

Back in 2019, AMD CEO Lisa Su attempted to set benchmarks for the company in terms of rates of expansion in the server processor market. The share of 10% had to be overcome by the end of 2020. Since then, the AMD CEO has avoided such forecasts, but during her visit to Taiwan this week, she unexpectedly announced that AMD now accounts for more than 25% of the server processor market.

    Image source: AMD

Image source: AMD

At least, these statements by Lisa Su, made at a press conference in Taipei this week, are quoted by a Taiwanese source. DigiTimes: “We have made good progress in the CPU business. I even think that our market share in the server segment is over 20% and should even be over 25%.”. This is higher than the forecast of the analysts from DigiTimes Research, who had expected this indicator to reach a level of more than 20% only by the end of 2023, for processors with an ARM-compatible architecture a share of 8% was forecast.

Relying on statistics from Mercury Research, AMD’s share of the server CPU segment reached 18% in the first quarter of this year, so with any luck the company could well surpass the 20% mark in the second quarter. After AMD’s share of the server CPU market surpassed 10% a few years ago, Lisa Su has vowed to tie new milestones to specific timeframes, but has regularly expressed confidence that the company’s market share will continue to grow.

It is worth noting that the AMD boss was asked at a press conference in Taiwan about rumors about the company’s intention to switch to Samsung Electronics’ services in the area of ​​contract manufacturing of chips based on new lithography standards such as 3nm. Lisa Su, trying to find out the truth, asked reporters if they believed the South Korean media. Afterwards, she said that TSMC is an important partner for AMD and that the MI300 computing accelerator, which is preparing for release at the end of the year, is quite a complex product. “We will continue to work with our Taiwanese partners because without good partners like … we cannot bring a product like this to market TSMC, Said Lisa Su.

AMD is TSMC’s second-biggest customer (10% of revenue), and in order to compete effectively with NVIDIA led by Lisa Su, the company shouldn’t destroy ties with its prime contractor. The head of AMD also added that it is not part of her policy to comment on issues related to specific products and orders. In any case, it becomes clear that the company will not refuse the services of TSMC in the near future.

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