According to analysts NVIDIAs third quarter revenue will not exceed 65

According to analysts, NVIDIA’s third-quarter revenue will not exceed $6.5 billion

NVIDIA management preferred to start last week with a statement on the discrepancy between real revenue indicators in the second quarter of market expectations, while the company declined to publicly comment on related issues until the full report is released on Aug. 24 . Third-party analysts expect NVIDIA’s third-quarter earnings will not please investors, who previously expected the company to post $7.4 billion in revenue.

    Image source: NVIDIA

Image source: NVIDIA

According to experts Bank of AmericaIn the third fiscal quarter, NVIDIA will grow from $6 billion to $6.5 billion, and the announcement of new Ada Lovelace generation gaming solutions planned for this period will not significantly improve the situation. As you know, NVIDIA’s second-quarter gaming revenue declined 44% sequentially to $2.04 billion, and the consumer segment overproduction crisis, which the authors of the analytical note say is being driven by a combination of factors, will be profound , but will pass soon enough.

It will clear inventory for NVIDIA’s next-gen 5nm GPUs in both gaming and server segments. In the third quarter, the company is likely to make as much toward servers as it did in the second — about $3.81 billion, down slightly as component shortages continue to negatively impact revenue momentum. Going forward, demand for server innovation will begin to stimulate NVIDIA’s revenue growth in this segment. The accelerators of the Hopper generation and the Grace CPUs will come onto the market first. Second, they will be compatible with Intel Sapphire Rapids and AMD Genoa CPUs. Bank of America officials recommend buying NVIDIA stock, predicting that its market value will rise to $220. They ended yesterday’s trading session at $181.60.

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