According to analysts at JPMorgan AMDs share of the server

According to analysts at JPMorgan, AMD’s share of the server processor market could rise to 40%

When AMD first released the first generation EYC processors, it set rather modest targets for market share: up to 5-6% by the end of 2018 and more than 10% over the next year and a half. After overcoming these milestones, she gave up further forecasts, but did not rule out that she would break the historical record, which was 26% of the market in the middle of the first decade of this century.

    Image source: AMD

Image source: AMD

Experts | JP Morgan After surveying executives of companies that are AMD’s main customers in the server segment, they took it upon themselves to say that this year it has managed to capture 20% of the server processor market, and it will only take a few years to get there to double share. According to experts, AMD can count on a share of 30%, at least in the short term.

They also added that AMD’s server processor revenue has quadrupled over the past two years, up 120% year over year alone. The launch of new EPYC Genoa processors after the fourth quarter of this year will further strengthen AMD’s position as Intel still struggles to increase bulk shipments of competing Sapphire Rapids processors. Joining AMD companies Xilinx and Pensando only increases the former’s chances of success, as summed up by JPMorgan experts.


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