Absolutely all Ryzen 7000 will get integrated graphics and later

Absolutely all Ryzen 7000 will get integrated graphics, and later AMD will release desktop APUs with powerful iGPUs

Over the past few days, Robert Hallock, AMD Director of Technical Marketing, has been actively giving interviews to various publications, sharing details about the Socket AM5 platform in general and the Ryzen 7000 processors in particular. Speaking to TechPowerUp, Hallock shared some details about the next-gen Ryzen processors’ integrated RDNA 2 graphics. According to him, it will be the standard for all Ryzen 7000 chips.

    Image source: AMD

Image source: AMD

“Integrated Ryzen 7000 graphics will be ‘standard’. It is based on a 6nm process technology and contains a small number of built-in processing units. Its main tasks are to support video encoding and decoding and to operate multiple video outputs. Enthusiasts “Embedding” will help diagnose a discrete graphics card in the system. The integrated graphics configuration will be the same for all processor models in the series [Ryzen 7000 Raphael]»remarked Hallock.

From Hallock’s words, we can conclude that the company does not plan to release a line of processors without integrated graphics due to Ryzen 7000F. RDNA 2 computing blocks with input-output interfaces (I/O die) are contained within the chip. The integrated graphics provide basic display functions and support for encoding (including AV1) and decoding of video. In other words, the Ryzen 7000 “plugin” is absolutely not designed for gaming.

Hallock added that having integrated graphics as part of all Ryzen 7000 processors doesn’t mean the company is abandoning hybrid processors (APUs) in the desktop chip environment. In the future, processors for socket AM5 with a powerful integrated graphics core will also come onto the market. That said, we can expect the release of conditional Ryzen 7000G.

“We don’t consider Ryzen 7000-series processors to be APUs. Yes, Ryzen 7000 also have integrated graphics, but these are different solutions. For us, APU is a product with powerful integrated graphics, capable of running games and having all the functions of encoding and decoding videos, etc. The Ryzen 7000 “Insert” is said to only display an image on the screen, offer basic video processing functions, start a home theater and some work applications. But these graphics are not at game level. APUs are an integral part of our roadmap. We’ll be sure to share more details later.”Hallock added.

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