A Thousand Years Before Skyrim A Massive Mod for Crusader

A Thousand Years Before Skyrim: A Massive Mod for Crusader Kings III brings the game to the world of The Elder Scrolls

Elder Kings development team informed About the release of Elder Kings 2, a massive mod for Crusader Kings III that brings the events of the global historical strategy game Paradox to the fantasy world of The Elder Scrolls.

    Image Source: Elder Kings Development Team

Image Source: Elder Kings Development Team

Elder Kings 2 is set during the chaotic period of the Second Era’s interregnum (roughly a thousand years before The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim). Players can take an active part in the four-hundred-year struggle for what remains of the Empire.

Elder Kings 2 adds a detailed map of Tamriel (including the continent of Yokuda) that is two-thirds the size of the original Crusader Kings III. In depicting the world of the Scrolls, the authors drew on official sources and popular fan interpretations.

    Not compatible with most other mods for Elder Kings 2

Not compatible with most other mods for Elder Kings 2

Along with the setting, Elder Kings 2 brings the main races of Tamriel to Crusader Kings III, with 3D models (all playable) and the ability (for humans, elves and orcs) to produce mixed offspring.

In terms of gameplay, Elder Kings 2 touches on several original systems and adds a number of thematic ones: origin influence system, tutelary deities, magic schools, vampirism, new forms of government.

Similar mods – Elderly Kings – released once for Crusader Kings II, and Elder Kings 2 is its sequel, not a direct port. This explains the lack of some features of the old iteration in the new iteration (it is promised that they will be added with patches).

The release of Elder Kings 2 coincides with the 11th anniversary of Skyrim’s release. You can download the mod from steam and Nexus Mods. DLC (especially Royal Court) is not required but brings unique content. Multiplayer is available (needs to be tested).

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