A supercomputer based solely on NVIDIA Grace Arm processors will

A supercomputer based solely on NVIDIA Grace Arm processors will be among the three most energy efficient in the world

NVIDIA has made a name for itself in the HPC segment primarily through GPU-based accelerators. This does not prevent them from expanding the range of products in the supercomputer segment with the central units they have developed. The Isambard 3 supercomputer, which is one of the three most energy-efficient computers in the world, is built on its basis.

    Image source: NVIDIA

Image source: NVIDIA

Note that although the sample was created among supercomputer systems that do not use GPU-based computational accelerators. Accordingly Representatives from NVIDIAThe supercomputer, which is being assembled for the University of Bristol with the participation of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and other partners, will consume just 270 kW of power while delivering peak computing power with an FP64 accuracy of 2.7 PFlops. This makes it six times more efficient in terms of speed and power consumption compared to its predecessor Isambard 2. This combination of properties makes Isambard 3 one of the three most energy-efficient supercomputers in the world that do not use specialization accelerators.

The Isambard-3 system, which will go online next spring, will allow scientists at the University of Bristol in the UK to design complex power plants, analyze weather data and search for drugs to fight Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis and COVID-19 -Search for coronavirus. The supercomputer will be based on 384 central processors NVIDIA Grace with Arm-compatible architecture. Keep in mind that these chips can offer up to 144 cores (on two chips).

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