A study found that smartwatches including the Apple Watch Series

A study found that smartwatches, including the Apple Watch Series 6, miscount calories burned

A team of researchers from the University of Quebec in Montreal conducted a study on the accuracy of measurements taken by Apple Watch Series 6 and Polar Vantage V smartwatches and Fitbit Sense. It turned out that the results of calculating calorie consumption left much to be desired.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

To check the readings, more accurate devices were used – a Polar H10 chest heart rate monitor and a MetaMax 3B ergospirometer. The study involved 30 healthy men and women around the age of 25.

The results of the study were released in the European Journal of Sports Science, how reliable heart rate and energy expenditure measurements are with all three devices when walking, sitting still, running, cycling and strength training.

Research has found that all three smartwatches, including the Apple Watch 6, are poor at measuring calories burned for any type of activity. According to scientists, health professionals, athletes/coaches and fitness enthusiasts in general should not consider readings from these smartwatches when exercising or calculating nutritional programs. Previous tests of similar devices have been conducted with similar results.

But there’s good news for wearable users. The Apple Watch Series 6 recorded heart rate fairly accurately for all types of physical activity, while the Polar Vantage V and Fitbit Sense weren’t as accurate – the accuracy depended on the type of activity. All tested devices also counted the steps taken very accurately.

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