A separate department will continue to oversee the development of

A separate department will continue to oversee the development of AR headsets within the Apple structure

journalist Bloomberg Mark Gurman explains that Apple has had an organizational structure of a functional nature since the 1990s. Each department was occupied with a part of the functions related to all products of the brand. With the release of the Vision Pro headset, there will be a departure from that tradition as a separate department will handle almost the entire pre-launch cycle of similar products.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

Around 2015, the Technology Development Group was formed, which eventually developed the Vision Pro AR headset, largely relying on its own resources, although narrow specialization issues had to turn to related Apple departments for help . Not long ago, the name of this group was changed to Vision Products Group. The author of the original publication separately emphasizes that the word “products” in the name of Apple’s division is mentioned in the plural, as if indicating that the appearance of other AR headset models in the brand’s lineup is inevitable.

Within this division there are in-house software and hardware developers, although traditionally Apple’s specialized divisions have been responsible for all software and hardware for most of the brand’s products. Of course, VPG interacts with core groups within Apple, but it functions largely closed, more like an “internal startup” of sorts. The announcement of the Vision Pro headset didn’t call into question the existence of that division. On the contrary, it will continue to be a separate structural entity from Apple, preparing for the announcement of new headsets and software for them. At least until these types of products bring significant revenue to the company, such isolation makes sense.

When developing the Apple Watch, Tim Cook’s company also violated the principle of functional structural division. Additionally, Apple has its own Special Project Group, which is credited with developing software for automated guided vehicles, as well as custom hardware solutions for cars. Given the complexity of developing autonomous vehicles, such self-sufficiency can make sense.

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