A secure flash drive has been introduced that can literally

A secure flash drive has been introduced that can literally burn your data

Developer Ryan Walker from Interrupt Labs on the Crowd Supply platform has launched a fundraising campaign to launch mass production of an unusual USB drive called Ovrdrive USB. The main feature of the device is the presence of a physical self-destruction mechanism, when activated, the memory chip heats up to a temperature above 100 ºС.

  Image source: Interrupt Labs

Image source: Interrupt Labs

By default, Ovrdrive USB is not encrypted, so it can be safely used in countries where encryption is prohibited by law. The media also has an additional degree of protection at the physical level. In order for the flash drive to be properly detected when connected to a computer, it must be quickly plugged into the USB port three times. If these manipulations are not performed, the media will be detected incorrectly, as if it were damaged.

It is curious that the developers initially planned to implement the Ovrdrive self-destruction function when an attempt was made to connect it incorrectly. However, it turned out to be difficult to organize mass production of such devices, so this idea had to be abandoned. However, Walker left the self-destruct mechanism intact in the final product. It involves increasing the voltage supplied to the board, which causes it to heat up to about 100 ºС. It is noted that the temperature may not be enough to destroy the memory chip, but users have the opportunity to fix this by modifying the device themselves. However, the developers do not intend to supply any dangerous connections with the device.

In the first version of the device, to activate the drive you had to touch it with wet fingers, i.e. the user would actually have to lick their fingers to interact with the Ovrdrive USB. The developers say that the new product is aimed at journalists, researchers and other people who require additional information protection. During the fundraising campaign for the release of Ovrdrive USB, you can purchase the device for $69 in the United States, and for delivery outside the country you will have to pay an additional $12.

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