A secret reference to Half Life was found in Counter Strike 2

A secret reference to Half-Life was found in Counter-Strike 2

Half-Life starring Gordon Freeman fans have had to settle for little over the past 16 years. For example, a recently unobtrusive secret reference found in Counter-Strike 2.

    Image source: AH2115

Image source: AH2115

How noticed American blogger Richter Overtime, specializing in Valve games, hides an Easter egg in Counter-Strike 2, a model of two Beretta semi-automatic pistols, hiding from unwary eyes.

The reference to Half-Life came in the form of an engraving on the left side of the bolt carrier: lurking between the logo, the country of manufacture and the distorted name of the gun’s creator was another – Gordon F.

    Image Source: Twitter (Judge Overtime)

Image Source: Twitter (Judge Overtime)

Gordon F. is probably referring to Gordon Freeman from Half-Life. In the re-release of the original shooter, the 9mm pistol used by the protagonist in the game is called the Beretta 92FS (Glock 17 in the original version).

Of course, this subtle reference to Counter-Strike 2 doesn’t mean confirmation of the conditional Half-Life 3, but fans of the series will be happy to know that Valve hasn’t forgotten about Gordon Freeman.

    Image Source: Valve

Image Source: Valve

What the future holds for Half-Life is unknown, but who knows? portal PCGamesN notes that a few months ago Counter-Strike 2 was riddled with rumors and might seem like a conspiracy theory to someone, but today the game is more real than ever.

Counter-Strike 2 is a free upgrade from CS:GO to Source 2 version with updated maps, tick structure and backward compatibility with CS:GO elements. The closed test is currently underway, the release is expected in the summer.

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