A search for running processes has been added to the

A search for running processes has been added to the “Task Manager” – so far only in the beta of Windows 11

Microsoft has started testing a search and filter system for the task manager in the Windows 11 operating system, with the help of which it will be easier for users to find malfunctioning applications, to unload them, create dump files, the activate efficiency mode, etc.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

“Searching and filtering processes is the main feature our users have been asking about.”, say the developers. The search engine in the “File Manager” allows you to find the desired processes by their name, PID or the name of the product publisher.

The filtering algorithm compares the contextual keyword to all possible matches and displays the search results on the screen. To get to the search window, just press Alt + F in the “Task Manager”. Search results are grouped into individual processes or groups of processes, which you can interact with as needed.

In addition to the search in the “Task Manager” there is support for changing the theme. Users can choose from light, dark, and system-wide themes. At the same time, the efficiency mode has been improved, allowing you to reduce the priority of certain processes to increase energy efficiency.

All of these innovations are now available to select members of the Windows Insider Program. When they can become public is still unknown.


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