A reliable insider revealed how the multiplayer Far Cry about

A reliable insider revealed how the multiplayer Far Cry about survival in Alaska is played and when it will be released

Verified Insider Tom Henderson divided Details about Project Maverick, Ubisoft Montreal’s yet-to-be-announced multiplayer shooter in the Far Cry universe.

    Image source: Ubisoft

Image source: Ubisoft

According to Henderson, Maverick is positioned as an evacuation shooter (i.e. an analogue of Escape from Tarkov), while the setting will be the fictional region of Alaska – Alashnica.

According to the plot of Project Maverick, the player is lured to a cold region with the promise of freedom, but in reality he finds himself in a land of chaos and complete distrust between people.

    Concept art for Far Cry 4

Concept art for Far Cry 4

Players must scavenge for resources and hunt wild animals to survive, craft equipment, gadgets and medical supplies, as well as upgrade weapons and replenish ammunition.

The Base of Operations in Project Maverick is the hideout that can supposedly be shared with other players along with the loot. To upgrade and purchase perks, you must complete contracts (trials).

    Screenshot of Far Cry 6

Screenshot of Far Cry 6

Henderson also reminds that there will be permanent death in the game – in case of death, the user loses everything (equipment, advantages, character levels), except for the items stored in the shelter.

The release of Project Maverick is expected in April 2025, the transition to alpha in the first half of 2024. At the same time, Ubisoft Montreal is working on Project Blackbird (Far Cry 7), which is scheduled to appear later – in autumn 2025.

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