A new spacesuit for American astronauts was tested in microgravity

A new spacesuit for American astronauts was tested in microgravity conditions

Collins Aerospace, which develops spacesuits suitable for use in outer space outside the International Space Station, tested its new product in microgravity conditions. This step is an important step towards creating a spacesuit and preparing it for use in real conditions.

  Image source: Collins Aerospace

Image source: Collins Aerospace

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) transferred the development of spacesuits to private companies in 2022. One such company was Collins Aerospace, whose representatives said that they were able to create a lighter and more flexible spacesuit compared to those currently used by astronauts on the ISS.

It is noted that the new spacesuit can be easily modified depending on the purpose of the mission and is more versatile than its current counterparts, which are based on designs created several decades ago. The suit was tested in a special aircraft, which performed a series of maneuvers, rising up and sharply descending. Due to this, weightlessness conditions were simulated on board, and the developers were able to assess how mobile a person remains in the new spacesuit. The next test will place the Collins Aerospace suit in a vacuum chamber to simulate space-like conditions.


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