A new modification for Doom 2 allows you to become

A new modification for Doom 2 allows you to become Batman and fight against the famous villains – the first trailer and screenshots

Group of enthusiasts Team RayCast released the debut gameplay trailer for Batman Rogue City, a mod for the cult shooter Doom 2: Hell on Earth starring the Dark Knight himself and many well-known villains.

    Image source: Team RayCast

Image source: Team RayCast

As Batman, players can fight criminals and antagonists (Mr. Freeze the Joker, Harley Quinn the Mad Hatter), use a grappling hook and a stun gun, and traverse Gotham on a Batmobile. And all this – on the Doom engine.

Batman Rogue City will feature iconic Gotham locations, including stylized dens of major villains. The lively levels seem to be inspired by a 60’s TV series and a 90’s cartoon series.

Batman Rogue City doesn’t have any release dates at this point, but it does “soon” the authors promise to release a public demo. You can continue to follow the progress of the development of an ambitious modification ModDB website.

Batman Rogue City, in particular, isn’t the first time Batman and Doom have crossed paths. In 1999, the ACE team, later made famous by the Rock of Ages and Zeno Clash series, released a modification Batman Downfall.

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