A new loophole brought Diablo IVs in game economy to a

A new loophole brought Diablo IV’s in-game economy to a halt – Blizzard imposed restrictions and threatened violators with account suspension

American publisher and developer Blizzard Entertainment informed about indefinitely disabling the exchange feature between users in the fantasy action role-playing game Diablo IV due to a vulnerability affecting balance.

    Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The mentioned trick made it possible to duplicate items and gold. Such intrusions led to flooding of the in-game market with gold and even not very good equipment being sold for billions of local currency.

The trick was to start a trade with a second player, drop items or gold into a trade slot, and then force close the Diablo IV client. Things left in the inventories of both participants at the entrance.

In a post on the Reddit forums, a Blizzard representative assured that the developers hope to fix the problem as soon as possible, but in the meantime warns players about potential license agreement violations.

“As always, any accounts found through the vulnerability to have duplicate gold and items will be penalized per our End User License Agreement.”Blizzard assured.

The company hurried indicateWhat about the players? “inadvertently” (Unwittingly) exchanged with a user found to be exploiting the mechanic will not be penalized.

Diablo IV was released on June 6th on PC (Battle.net), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. Last week the game received a major patch 1.1.1, which received a much more positive reception from the community than the previous update.

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