A modder is making seamless space travel a reality in

A modder is making seamless space travel a reality in Starfield, but with reservations

Hong Kong modder 105gun, like many others, was frustrated with the lack of seamless space exploration in space RPG Starfield and decided to take matters into his own hands.

    Image source: Steam (Alesta)

Image source: Steam (Alesta)

the change Slower than light allows PC players to manually adjust the speed and movement of their spaceship using hotkeys “Hundreds of times faster than the speed of light”.

This allows you to travel between planets within the same solar system without downloading and quickly switching to them “in a relatively elegant way”. Boarding continues via the menu.

In theory, all this is possible without modifying the 105 cannon if you have a lot of free time – at normal speed, traveling from one planet to another takes several hours.

According to 105gun, its acceleration is integrated into Starfield “pretty rude”therefore it is accompanied by errors: at the highest speed the spacecraft begins to twitch, and when approaching the planet you have to slow down, otherwise it will not load.

“I’m afraid it will be difficult to implement it perfectly [бесшовные межпланетные перелёты] before the Creation Kit is released. Hope, [мой мод] will be a temporary solution for those who long for atmospheric flights.”105gun said.

Starfield was released on September 6th on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), Xbox Series X and S, and Game Pass (PC and Xbox). The official mod creation tool package, the Creation Kit, will be released in early 2024.

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