A major iPad Pro update isnt expected until 2024

A major iPad Pro update isn’t expected until 2024 – tablets may get MagSafe, more glass, and OLED

While Apple updated the iPad Pro not long ago, the physical appearance remains unchanged from the design introduced in 2018. According to the latest report by well-known expert and Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, Apple is preparing for the coming year on its own “a fundamental overhaul of the iPad Pro concept.”

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

In the latest version of the Power On mailing, Gurman said that the current year will bring only minor changes for the iPad line – nothing special is expected for the iPad Pro, as well as for the iPad and iPad mini or iPad Air. For the next year, however, Gurman predicts big changes for the flagship iPad Pro, which could debut in spring 2024. This is both a design update and a first for the use of OLED displays.

What exactly the new iPad Pro will look like can be seen from current rumors. It was previously reported that the new version might get a glass back panel instead of an aluminum body. In addition, Apple plans to use the MagSafe wireless charging technology currently used in the iPhone in the iPad Pro line.

Additionally, there have been rumors about Apple’s intention to port the iPad Pro to OLED displays for quite some time. For example, analyst Ross Young recently reported that the first OLED-equipped iPad Pro will appear in 2024 alongside the OLED-equipped MacBook Air. It has also been reported that Apple is considering expanding its iPad range with larger screen models, including 14-inch and even 16-inch versions. Whether such solutions will debut will be announced later.


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