A Hybrid of Tony Hawks Pro Skater and Hades Coming

A Hybrid of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Hades Coming Soon to Steam Early Access – Helskate Release Date, New Trailer and Demo

Developer from Dutch studio Phantom Coast revealed Early Access release date for his skater roguelike action game Helskate. The announcement was accompanied by a new gameplay trailer.

    Image source: Phantom Coast

Image source: Phantom Coast

Helskate follows feathered troublemaker and talented skater Anton Falcon, who is trapped in a hellish purgatory at the behest of his supreme ruler, Garland.

Players will skate around Wertheim, perform tricks, fight demons with magical weapons, and combine all of these actions into combos to one day challenge the skating gods.

The authors emphasize that Helskate is primarily a skater arcade game, but also an intense action roguelike with a character-rich narrative. That is, a mix of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Hades.

Helskate Early Access opens on February 15th at steam. The cost of the game is $25 at launch and the price will increase until full release. The demo version published on the occasion of the announcement can be tested free of charge.

At the start of Early Access they promise the first of three worlds (8-10 hours of playtime), individual races lasting 30-60 minutes, a variety of weapons, attacks and tricks. Only English language support is stated (for now).

They plan to keep Helskate in early access for about a year. The full version will contain more worlds, levels, enemies, bosses, items, improvements based on feedback and a complete story.

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