A giant invisible bear an inauguration kidnapping and a development

A giant invisible bear, an inauguration kidnapping and a development room: the world’s first speedrunner completed all three acts of Baldur’s Gate 3 in under 20 minutes

portal IGN noted that Canadian speedrunner Mae (aka maeeeeee) has set a new speed record for completing Larian Studios’ fantasy role-playing game Baldur’s Gate 3.

    Image source: Steam (Peter Kushing)

Image source: Steam (Peter Kushing)

Let’s remember that when Baldur’s Gate 3 came out of Early Access, speedrunners were looking for the best time to reach the game’s alternate ending (after the first two acts), but in recent months they switched to a full playthrough are.

The day before, Mae managed to complete all three acts of Baldur’s Gate 3 record 19 minutes and 20 seconds (excluding downloads). Now the streamer is in the lead all three main categories Speedrun games.

To achieve the record, Mae used both well-known tricks such as improved jumps (including through walls) and shadowboxing (pushing Shadowheart’s corpse into a burning box) as well as new ones. There will be more spoiler.

For example, Mae defeats the boss of the second act, the paladin Ketheric Torm, and his second phase by turning into a bear, enlarging him, making him invisible and continuing to rush at the enemy from a great height.

Mae does something even funnier with the third act antagonists:

  • The speedrunner kidnaps Enver Gortash from the initiation ceremony (for some reason that doesn’t make him hostile) and simply throws him off the nearest bridge into the abyss;
  • The streamer forces the villain Orin to teleport into the development room (with the necessary plot item) and is sent after him thanks to a trick, and then the pair are similarly transported to the underground temple, from where the final boss is just a stone’s throw removed.

The release version of Baldur’s Gate 3 isn’t even six months old yet, so speedrunners probably still have a lot of room for improvement. Who knows what other time-saving tricks they’ll discover in the future?

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