A game created by artificial intelligence has appeared on Steam

A game created by artificial intelligence has appeared on Steam

A game called This girl doesn’t exist, created almost entirely by artificial intelligence algorithms. The public gave the project a cold welcome, but independent developer-publisher Cute Pen Games believes prejudice is to blame.

    Image source: steampowered.com

Image source: steampowered.com

The resource told about the game kotaku, whose journalists spoke to a representative from Cute Pen Games on Discord: The studio consists of two people, a married couple. A woman nicknamed mrspotatoes admitted that from the very beginning of work on the project, her husband suspected that the public would condemn such a development and expected negative reviews, including allegations of hacking. She herself, in her opinion, was more optimistic and expected that people would be curious to see what modern technology is capable of. Artificial intelligence created everything in this game: character art, story and music.

The game’s development was fraught with some of the problems characteristic of artificial intelligence. The playfully simple plot of the game, in which you need to solve puzzles, suggests the presence of several attractive characters with whom the main character could develop a romantic relationship – each has its own image, story and unique voice -about. It took several iterations of trial and error to get the right result for the midjourney AI to work properly. It also took some effort to get the algorithm to produce images of the same character in different poses and in different environments.

At the end of the project, the couple sent copies of the game to about 250 specialized YouTube bloggers, and there was almost no negative feedback from them. At the same time, sales of This Girl Does Not Exist were weak, despite the fact that the company’s other projects are intended for an adult audience and do not appear in search for Steam users who are not logged in. An avalanche of negative reviews followed after one of the YouTube bloggers started a live broadcast and his viewers en masse expressed their dissatisfaction in the chat, and according to mrspotatoes, people didn’t like the game itself, but the fact that it was made by artificial developed intelligence. Some feared that artificial intelligence would rob them of their jobs, while others felt a certain uneasiness about the game in general. “nasty vibrations”.

However, the authors were not ashamed of the negativity of the public – they intend to continue working in this direction, and now they have decided to include AI in the development of an adult game. Even if its participation will be limited so far: perhaps artificial intelligence will help in the development of the user interface or in drawing the backgrounds.

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