A fired Blizzard employee took almost 10 years of World

A fired Blizzard employee took almost 10 years of World of Warcraft subscriptions with him – he won’t have to pay a cent again until 2033

The wave of layoffs that swept across Activision Blizzard last week left many employees unemployed, including Blizzard’s now-former head of key technology products, Adam Holisky. However, the specialist was able to benefit from the situation.

    Image source: Blizzard Entertainment

Image source: Blizzard Entertainment

As the portal noted PC gamerHolyski on his microblog authorizedthat as soon as I found out about my dismissal, “I’m rushing to get the keys and have used up all my remaining annual subscription codes.” for the popular multiplayer role-playing game World of Warcraft.

Thanks to ingenuity and speed of reaction (if a trick had tried (Repeat to his colleagues, the page with the keys has already “fallen”). The specialist secured a WoW subscription almost 10 years in advance – until October 14, 2033. Free game time is a well-known benefit for Blizzard employees that Holysky had not previously used.

    Image Source: X (AdamHolisky)

Image Source: X (AdamHolisky)

In other words, for the next few years, Holyski will not have to pay the company that fired him (except for supplements). We’re talking about at least $1,520 – that’s how much a 10-year subscription to WoW on American Battle.net costs if you buy 12-month passes ($1,754 if you buy one month at a time).

Of course, all of these numbers only make sense if WoW lasts until 2033, the subscription price stays the same during this time or Holysky wants to continue playing for that long. This farewell gift is more symbolic, but 117 months of WoW subscriptions aren’t lying around.

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